We are the leading provider of cleaning, testing and verification services for advanced semiconductor technology nodes, using chemistry with a craftsman’s touch to clean and restore parts used to manufacture semiconductors.

Lab scientist

We are an important service provider to the semiconductor industry, working with their teams to deliver a quality manufacturing process.

Our exceptional turnaround time, high first-pass yield and capacity for growth make us a preferred choice for the semiconductor industry.

Using chemical processes, we assure the parts used in manufacturing are cleaned to a nano level to secure the quality of end products in support of our customer’s business goals. Our chemists utilize just the right amount of processing to assure maximum part life when restoring process tool parts, cleaning high-purity parts, conducting surface treatment, and in support of engineering services to develop new processes.

We are an expert technical innovation partner, in addition to working with manufacturing, LeanTeq partners with R&D to bring new processes and parts into production.

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